I was in a multicoloured lolly sticks kind of mood today - luckily we have a bumper pack of them in the cupboard. Phew. 

For the porcupine card, I cut a body shape out of orange card and then we glued that and the orange sticks onto the blue card, added a googly eye and coloured in the nose. 

The monsters on sticks couldn't be easier to make - just wrap pipe cleaners around sticks in whatever shape you fancy and add googly eyes (we used extra big fluffy pipe cleaners). Matthew's passion for googly eyes apparently knows no bounds. 

For the tulips, we painted some bits of card first (quite subtle here but you could go wild), cut out the petal shapes when they were dry, and glued them onto green sticks. The vase is an empty plastic vanilla essence bottle with its top cut off. Matthew took ages decorating it with dotty stickers in an impressively painstaking way. Blimey. This is new. 


07/04/2013 8:29pm

Love the porcupine card! Such a neat idea - must try that with my kids, sometime... when I can bring myself to expand the kids' craft supplies stash AGAIN. :( lol

07/04/2013 9:04pm

Aw thanks Fiona! Always nice to get feedback. Go on... you know you want to buy some lolly sticks : )

31/05/2013 9:11am

Ace - love the monsters! We have loads of coloured lolly sticks and I've been wondering what to do with them.

31/05/2013 7:39pm

Thanks! Good luck with your monsters : )


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