This is something my husband did with Matthew the other day and it kept them both amused for ages, so I thought I'd share.

First Matthew carefully selected which toys he wanted to take photos of, then they arranged them and took the photos. Next they edited them with different colour effects, then printed and trimmed them, and put them in the frame. Plenty there to engage small people. 

We happened to have this slide puzzle picture frame knocking about (and that works really well for added interactivity) - but any frame would do and they would also make good cards. 

We have it up in our kitchen but I'm thinking of doing something similar for Matthew's bedroom because he loves it so much. 
I was trying to think of something fun we could make with paper plates, and came up with this - paper plate picture frames. 

Really straightforward - just paint your design onto the plate, cut a circle out, and tape your picture to the back. We had these Simpsonised photos of ourselves kicking around so decided to do a set of three to hang in a row (fixed together with taped pipe cleaners). Matthew really enjoyed making them and is delighted with the result (so am I!). 

Here are some more ideas: 

- create a pattern with sticky mosaic tiles or beads
- make a collage with tissue paper, petals or lengths of pipe cleaner radiating out
- (for older children) write out a poem or passage from a book in a spiral round the edge
This is what we made last week, at The Little House in the Park (where we go every Friday). The session was all about portraits. We started off decorating large cardboard frames with bits of tissue paper, feathers, glitter etc, then we made colourful backgrounds using inky paint and sponges. We stuck it all together with black and white photos on top, and then went crazy with collage. Matthew's choice of white frayed ribbon for his picture led to interesting/disturbing results. Would the Mayor of London please go and wash his inky hands. Now.