...in the windy autumn weather
We twirl around
And whirl around
And all float down together

It was the last autumn-themed session of the year at The Little House in the Park last week, so we decorated giant leaves with paint and glitter, and laminated beautiful autumnal collages to put in the window. 

Matthew and I both love the songs we sing with Chrissie and Esther at the start of each session, and are very happy that they've recorded a CD* so we can now listen to them in the car (I would say sing along to them but I am FORBIDDEN to sing in the car). 

The songs are grouped by season - we're looking forward to revisiting the winter ones ('Galloping Across the Snow' - yippee!) at the next session. 

*If anyone's interested in buying a CD they can be ordered online at www.dlbeducation.co.uk.

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