I've been trying to think of more loo roll craft ideas, and have come up with this nice easy project - a bird finger puppet. 

Dead simple - take your loo roll and bend the edges of one end over, to make the ears. Then cut finger holes at the other end. After painting, stick on eyes and nose of your choice (I would have made a big pointy beak out of card or something, personally, but Matthew wanted to use a jewel sticker, and it is his puppet after all), and then add feathers (we made holes and pushed them in). 

Here are some other ideas for loo roll finger puppets... 

- other animals: lions, rabbits, dogs, jellyfish would work particularly well
- monsters: you could really go wild here and stick all kinds of bits and pieces on to make fantastical creatures 
- robots: add the finishing touch with silver foil or silver paint
21/5/2013 09:02:30

ooh, I may steal this one (will link if I blog it!) - thanks! Puppets are quite popular in our house and toilet rolls are plentiful!

21/5/2013 09:42:07

Oh yes and please also put a link to your blog here if you make it? Always good to see what other people are up to : ) Thanks for your comment!

23/5/2013 05:40:55

aaawww what a fab idea, I'm always after new crafty ideas to with my kids!! x

23/5/2013 08:02:37

Thanks Chantelle - have fun! : )


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