This week the Holburne Museum is organising a Lantern Procession to mark the beginning of the Bath Christmas Market. We are very excited. Especially as we now have our very own homemade lantern, which we made at The Little House in the Park last week. 

We started off by threading willow sticks through a cardboard base with holes round the edge, bending the ends of the sticks underneath the card and taping them down. Then we taped another piece of card over the bottom (to cover all the ends) and taped around the sticks near the top (to stop them waving about and poking small children's eyes out). 

Then came the really fun part - gluing white tissue paper around the sticks (two layers), covering that with lots more glue, and decorating it with bits of coloured tissue paper and glitter. A big old sticky mess. 

We've put a string of LED lights in our lantern (you have to make a hole to get them in) and are now ready for the procession (or recession, as Matthew calls it). 

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