So the summer holidays have begun and we've come to the end of our crafty sessions at The Little House in the Park (*sob*). But we're still making stuff at home - and these are our latest creations. 

I had some air-drying clay in the cupboard so we got it out one morning and had a bit of a play. Matthew used some rubber moulds (from Ikea) to make fish and hearts. When the clay was dry we popped them out of the moulds and painted the hearts gold and the fish with glow-in-the-dark paint, sprinkled with glitter. When the paint was dry we glued magnets onto the back to make them into fridge magnets that we can give as presents. 

I made the thumb pots while Matthew was playing with the clay, and when they were dry I painted them with white and metallic enamel paints. 

Shiny happy clay crafts. 

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